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Chiancess offer full ranges of polycarbonate sheets(Polycarbonate hollow sheets, Polycarbonate solid sheets, Polycarbonate corrugated sheets), such as polycarbonate Twin-wall sheet, Triple-wall sheet, X structure sheet, Frosted PC solid sheet, Anti-fog sheet, Ordinary Solid PC sheet, Embossed PC sheet and Corrugated PC sheet.

We also have some other functional products like PC Diffusion sheet, Sky-Light system, Anti-Scratch sheet, Anti-riot shield, etc. Of course we supply all the profile used in installation procedure.

Polycarbonate Sheets Manufacturer

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Polycarbonate Sheets Price

The Polycarbonate Sheets (Sun Sheet) price is nearly transparent, generally in the range of 5-300 US Dollars / per square meter, can also be calculated according to kilograms.

PVC Ceiling Panels

Besides polycarbonate roofing panels, We also supply PVC Ceiling Panels, the most popular pattern is wood style.