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Polycarbonate Sheets Price

Polycarbonate Sheets Price and Quotations

The Polycarbonate Sheets (Sun Sheet) price is nearly transparent, generally in the range of 5-300 US Dollars / per square meter, can also be calculated according to kilograms.


The price of polycarbonate sheet is not a constant price, but a comprehensive consideration of the level of technology and raw material prices and other costs at the time calculated by the global price of solar panels are many different.

2-layer rectangular Clear polycarbonate sheet

3-layer rectangular Clear polycarbonate sheet

5-layer rectangular Clear polycarbonate sheet

5-layer transparent Clear polycarbonate sheet

8-layer diamond Clear polycarbonate sheet

How much is polycarbonate sheets?

Greenhouse Polycarbonate Sheets (sunshine board) price: 30-120 US Dollars / square
(Greenhouses, greenhouses commonly used multi-wall Polycarbonate Panels (Sunshine Panels), multi-wall Polycarbonate Panels (Sunshine Panels))

Glazing Polycarbonate Sheets Price: 6-300 US Dollars / square
(Recommended use of U-type buckle sunshine board and color steel tile used in common to achieve lower costs, the purpose of water and dust)

Facades (Curtain wall) Polycarbonate Sheets Price: 14-300 US Dollars / square
(Known as tone and groove, Plug-in Polycarbonate Sheets, common in the airport, building facades, walls, facades, the use of plug-board installation is easy, you can also use the locking plate anti-loaded to achieve the purpose)

Carport and Canopy (Parking shed) Polycarbonate Sheets Price  6-300 US Dollars / square
(Parking shed, transparent awning, etc., can be made of the endurance polycarbonate solid sheets)

Awnings (Sun shelter) Polycarbonate Sheets Price prices: 5-200 US Dollars / square
(Transparent canopy, can be made of the endurance polycarbonate solid sheets)

Online sun board offer for reference only, specifically to offer engineers, subject to more use of sunshine board, please call the online consultant engineer: +86-13750777605 (Lerek)

The facts affect Polycarbonate Sheets (Sun Sheet) Prices

In general, the following factors.

Process level, the higher the technical level, U-type locking plate than the average price of Polycarbonate Panels (Sunshine Panels)

Strong structure, 100% waterproof, to produce the Polycarbonate Sheets (Sun Sheet) prices higher.

Raw material costs, polycarbonate raw materials, extracted from petroleum, polycarbonate raw materials
Oil prices and volatility, the price of solar panels with raw material prices and volatility.

Other costs, operating costs, logistics costs, labor costs, mechanical wear and tear, and so are
It is necessary to consider the factors, the proportion of international trade logistics costs are high, so the international trade of sunshine board prices higher.

Polycarbonate Sheets Applications

  • Conservatory
  • Greenhouses
  • Roof lighting
  • Curtain wall
  • Glazing

To buy the Polycarbonate Sheets (Sun Sheet) must keep in mind where to mount and utilize, what the structure of the sheets, light transmission (Transmittance) and other requirements, etc. (Do tell the consultant the polycarbonate utilization and application that will save you the cost of buying the polycarbonate sheets, professional consultant will guide to purchase Suitable Polycarbonate Panels (Sunshine Panels) such as thickness, width, support frame, polycarbonate joint and connection, installation spacing, etc. And providing PC sheets system installation, chemical tolerance compatibility of the relevant knowledge, to avoid misuse of the plate and lead to unnecessary costs and losses.

Chiancess U-lock sunshine plate manufacture line

Want to know more about the Polycarbonate Sheets?

  • Order a small amount of Polycarbonate Sheets (sunshine board), can call online customer service whether PC board in stock, if stocked then polycarbonate sheets cargo can be shipped directly
  • Order Polycarbonate Panels (Sunshine Panels) in bulk (more than 3 tons) can be immediately arranged manufacture, usually within 7 days of delivery
  • To understand the calendar sunshine board application example, please click the sunshine board project case, there are pictures and the truth
  • To understand the scale of Chiancess, please head to Polycarbonate Sheets Manufacturer ,truth with pictures
  • To understand the Polycarbonate Sheets shipping delivery, please visit the Polycarbonate Sheets Gallery
  • To understand the Polycarbonate Raw materials, please visit new polycarbonate raw materials

Need a free sample, first visit the Polycarbonate Sheets samples, Then leave a message to get the samples you need.

More Polycarbonate Chemical compatibility, physical properties, engineering installation, please email us or leave a message, so that professional engineers can guide you to the proper progress to assist you.

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